Our Story
ferry crossing the savannah river

Where Authentic Savannah History
Meets Modern Hospitality

Even as Savannah was evolving into the refined and elegant Southern city it is today, its incredible historic foundation was never forgotten. Inspired by this concept, The Bluff Hotel’s unique boutique atmosphere offers contemporary comfort and convenience while paying homage to our roots through historical and locally inspired touches.

Get to Know the Yamacraw Tribe

The Bluff Hotel sits on the historic Yamacraw Bluff, where General James Oglethorpe and British colonists aboard the ship Anne landed on February 12, 1733. It is here that Yamacraw Chief Tomochichi and Governor Oglethorpe established a peaceful alliance and ratified the historic Creek Indian Treaty of 1733.  allowing for Governor Oglethorpe to settle the colony of Savannah which is now one of the most historic cities in the United States.  The tribe of Yamacraw had not resided on the Savannah River bluff more than five years before the arrival of Oglethorpe. This small village consisted of eighteen families, or around 200 inhabitants. They had large public buildings, winter and summer dwellings, and a thriving trading post, all of which were supported by trade, farming, and hunting practices.

old image of the lands of the yamacaw tribe