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video of Savannah and hotel area entrance to hotel on a hot sunny day hotel lobby with bar ahead hotel room with king bed and natural light wooden table and black chairs hotel living room with beige sectional and overhanging lamp hotel living room with flat screen tv lounge area with multiple lounge chairs hotel lobby desk hotel room with double beds and sofa couch living room with leather couches and fabric couches person reading a book friends shopping and walking bartender making a martini aerial view of three orange cocktails with garnish hotel bedroom with spacious carpet floors parent and kid staying in bed sectional couch beige person riding a bike with a hat on fountain at the park horse drawn carriage small dining area with round tables and cushioned chairs person sitting with a bowl of oatmeal small dining area with round tables and cushioned chairs lobby flat screen tv mounted on the wall and a work desk under sidewalk with a building covered in grass kids playing outside river on a clear blue day riverview with a large boat passing by at sunset bathroom sink with bright white lighting little kid under the covers relaxing exterior of hotel as sun sets